How poor posture while sleeping can lead to back pain

What does come to your mind at first when you try to identify the cause of your back pain? You probably give the blame to the tiresome day at your office while sitting on the chair for long or standing in the queue for hours in the bank. But what stays unnoticed is your sleeping position which, can also be the reason for your poor sleeping at night, followed by severe back pain in the morning. 

So yes, having a poor sleeping posture might also cause back pain, and before things worsen up, it is time we check ourselves. 

Sleeping posture and its effect on the spinal cord

Everybody has their favourite sleeping posture, which is, of course, personal preference and habits that are hard to break. Irrespective of you being a devoted back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, your sleeping posture might take a toll on your spine in the long run, resulting in acute back pain. Especially, sleeping on the stomach considered as one of the worst sleeping positions as it adds extra strain on the spine and flattens its natural curvature.

As advised by medical researchers and doctors, it is very important to maintain proper spinal alignment while sleeping, which is good for the in-built curvature of your lower back, thereby promoting its good health.

The spine has a natural tendency of curving in an S-shape, and that is why your body must support along the curve’s length. This will further ensure no extra pressure on the developed kinks or lower back.

Though, as said earlier, it becomes really hard to change your sleeping habit, especially when you are completely dozen off to sleep. But considering the long run, it is better to try and opt for a healthier change by making a few shifts to your sleeping posture.

Consider sleeping on your back and keep one pillow beneath the knees or simply lying down on your side. Doing so will help you avoid any unwanted pressure or strain on your back or joints, thereby offering you better sleep.

Apart from your sleeping position determining the quality of your spinal column’s sleep and health, the quality of your mattress can be yet another reason for your discomfort. As advised by chiropractors, you should also invest in the right mattress as you will usually spend around 8 hours on it every night. Hence, the quality of your mattress will affect your sleep and comfort, and this is why you would find a wide range of choices online when you search for the best mattress for back pain.

How your mattress can alleviate back pain

Support and comfort are two prime pillars of a good mattress. The core of your mattress defines the extent of support it will deliver you, which is mainly a strong foam layer that complements your bed well.

The best orthopaedic mattress will boast a sufficient level of firmness to hold your spine well-aligned while ensuring that your body’s heavier areas, including shoulders and hips, will not sink far in the bed. On the contrary, it should not be excessively firm, as well as that might force your shoulders and hips to be in a discomforting angle. 

best orthopaedic mattress

Comfort is another thing you should look at while buying the best online mattress, which will help prevent back pain. Though your preferences on the thickness and firmness of the mattress may vary, ideally, it should also have the ability to cushion your shoulders, elbows, hips and heels from pain as well.

The fabric of the mattress

While looking for the best mattress for back pain, you should also eye on choosing the right fabric as well for maximum comfort. As recommended by experts, the memory foam mattress has proven to offer lesser back pain and better sleep compared to futon style mattresses. Moreover, try looking for a mattress with the fabric that is breathable and more responsive as it dramatically helps in pain relief.

Age of the mattress

Like every other product, the comfort and support your mattress offers will also degrade with time. Usually, even the best online mattress performs well for a span of 8-10 years. In fact, researchers have found that by simply replacing your old mattress with a new one can help you in alleviating back pain.

 best online mattress

Though clinical reviews are not widely available, having the best orthopaedic mattress can ensure you sound sleep and support against back pain relief compared to an inferior quality one. Try having detailed research on the popular options available before you buy a mattress. 

This will help you choose the one that ensures better sleep quality and better health of your spinal column with reduced chances of back pain.

So, always invest in the best online mattress to safeguard your sleep and health. After all, good sleep at night is all you need to welcome the next morning with your arms wide open.

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