Foam vs Cotton: The Longer Lasting Best Mattress Online

Choosing the right mattress depends on a number of factors. These factors cannot be overlooked when you want to find the best mattress for yourself. Once these requirements are met, only then you can find the best mattress online.

The two most common variants that generally confuse the minds of buyers for mattresses is when they have to choose between a Foam mattress and a Cotton Mattress.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a long-lasting mattress? 

long-lasting mattress

The silliest mistake that most of us end up making when selecting the best mattress online is going by choice of viewer ratings or judging it solely by the cost factor.

Even though all mattresses look alike, they contain different features to suit the requirements of varied users with different issues like neck pain, hot flashes, shoulder pain, and so on.

Hence, a mattress can never be a one-size-fits-all commodity, and it should therefore, be selected keeping in mind what one’s primary requirements are.

If you have to choose a foam mattress or a cotton mattress only on the basis of durability and long lasting feature, then you need to first understand that the lifespan of any mattress ranges between 5 to 8 years. Keeping this mind will help you make an informed decision.

Foam mattress vs Cotton mattress

Where, generally, foam mattresses need to be replaced almost every five years, cotton mattresses can go on up to 15 years at a stretch. However, this is not always the case.

A lot depends on the brands. There are several foam mattress brands today that offer a warranty of 10 years or more alongwith a 100-day free trial.

A cotton mattress is made out of 100% natural cotton fibre. A foam mattress, on the other hand, is made out of polyurethane.

However, the several layers that go into making foam mattresses ensure that this variant offers more luxurious sleeping experience.

Also, with a temperature control technology in place, the foam mattresses make sure the sleeper sleeps cool even during the harshest summer months.  

When talking about foam mattresses, we must speak of their ability to offer motion isolation, something cotton mattresses are not known for.

A foam mattress is loved by customers especially who share their beds because it can absorb and isolate the motion of a sleeper to ensure that the other sleeper is not disturbed in their sleep

In addition to this, if you have a back problem and need added support, foam mattresses should be the only choice for you.

Final take

foam mattress vs cotton mattress

With a close comparison on foam mattress vs cotton mattress, this guide will surely make your job of choosing a long lasting mattress for your bedroom easier.

Now that you know more about the differences between foam and cotton mattresses, you can pick the best mattresses in India


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