Advantages and Disadvantages of Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Mattresses are an integral and inevitable part of our daily lives. However, a quality mattress is what guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep, which in turn determines the quality of life we design for ourselves. With a wide variety of Gel Memory foam mattresses displayed on show-windows of both online as well as offline shops, it becomes quite cumbersome at times to decide which one would be the best option for you.

Having said so, Gel memory foam mattresses are one out of the two primary and most comfortable mattresses types available in the market. Let us take a quick ride through its features, pluses, and minuses before you narrow down your search to buy mattress for your personal sanctuary.

This Mattress is made out of urethane gel infused into the foam structure, which in turn is constructed out of polyurethane and thereby treating it with additives and chemicals.

The colour of the gel is predominantly bluish and is contained on the top layers of the mattress.

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-Gel Visco or gel memory foam consists of gel particles fused with Visco foam.

– It reduces trapped body heat and acts as a coolant when used.

– It speeds up spring back time and helps the mattress feel softer.

-The gel-based technology allows better airflow by opening out the cell structure.


1. Enables cool restful sleep

A contrast to the heat-trapping nature foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses let you sleep cool. Thus, it proves to be the best option for people who perspire a lot and have a high body temperature.

Also, the open cell structure makes it more airy and breathable, making it one of the best online mattress varieties available for grabs.

2. Provides better support

In comparison to the traditional memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses render more support due to the resilient nature of the gel present therein, thereby preventing the sleeper from sinking deep into the mattress and maintaining proper body alignment as well.

3. They are more comfortable

Gel memory foam mattresses add to comfort and versatility as they are suitable for various sleep positions, and they even allow free movement to the user when resting on them.

4. Increased benefits 

This Mattress offer soft comfort along with added adequate support. The motion isolation feature makes it an excellent choice for couples. Moreover, it is also helpful in reducing backaches and improving sleep patterns too.


1. Not a long-lasting cooling effect

The gel-infused technology does not render everlasting coolness and fizzles out after some use. Slowly, over time, the gel takes on the temperature of the environment, thereby losing its cooling effect gradually.

2. Works out to be expensive

Contrary to the traditional memory foam mattresses, the gel memory foam mattresses with fancy labels and marketing stunts can be quite confusing and much heavier on the pocket.

3. May be uncomfortable for some

Gel memory foam mattresses are definitely not recommended for side sleepers or people with light body weight as they are known to provide more support than their traditional counterparts.

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Final take

To sum it up all, when looking for mattress offers online, foam mattresses may appear to be a fad, as per user reviews.

However, different mattress companies are constantly working upon better and more innovative technologies to further lower the temperature of these gel-infused mattress tops and enhance their performance in the go.

A better choice, therefore, is to go for a memory foam mattress with an open cell structure for temperature neutrality. You can take your pick from a wide range of wakefit mattresses available online on their portal.

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